The 15 Minute Workout

These days, it can be difficult for busy individuals to dedicate some time within their hectic routines to the benefits of regular exercise. Even those who choose to effectively make their lives simpler and cut down the time restraints of getting to the gym by hiring fitness equipment in Ireland, sometimes we don’t all have … Continue reading “The 15 Minute Workout”

How to Open Your Own Gym

Health and fitness is all over the media these days. With levels of obesity rising, and the health services struggling beneath the strain of weight-related illnesses, there has been an increased demand for health centres and gyms. Exercise, as you know, comes in many different shapes and sizes, and commercial gyms can be the ideal … Continue reading “How to Open Your Own Gym”

5 Simple Exercise Rules

Getting fit isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something that we should all aspire to. The term ‘exercise’ typically refers to any structured activity that a participant undertakes in an effort to develop and maintain improved fitness levels. Although you might get tired walking to and from the store every day, or pushing … Continue reading “5 Simple Exercise Rules”

The Beginners Guide to Fitness

So you’ve decided to make the move towards an improved body and mind with your very first fitness regime. Congratulations! Exercise can literally add years to your lifespan, curing some forms of heart disease and helping various people to recover from certain forms of cancer. Exercise offers assistance with issues such as arthritis, and can … Continue reading “The Beginners Guide to Fitness”