Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are an excellent way to improve or maintain your fitness, whatever the weather. They can also be used as a great warming up or cooling down exercise both before and after sport like tennis, squash, football etc. An exercise bike gives you a low impact aerobic workout which minimises the stress on your joints and with no roads to contend with it’s a safe option too.

When you hire an exercise bike from Hire Fitness you’ll be getting the latest top of the range equipment to allow you to improve your cardiovascular fitness levels, all in the comfort of your own home; no expensive gym fees or having to brave the elements on a traditional bike.
Exercise is a very important part of our lives and should form a large part of our weekly routine. It’s important for lots of reasons but not least because excess weight can encourage a number of illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and more. Exercise helps keep the body and mind fit and healthy; it tones your body, reduces fat, makes you look younger, gives you more energy, stimulates your metabolism and helps improve the immune system, sheds unwanted toxins, strengthens muscles and reduces stress.

So why do so many people put obstacles in the way of exercise? “We’re too busy”, “not enough time to go to the gym”, “gym memberships are too expensive”, “we’re already fit” etc. These barriers can be removed if you hire fitness equipment from Hire Fitness. Hire Fitness Ireland will deliver and install gym equipment for you in a room of your choice at home or in the office. The costs are not high and hires start from just 4 weeks. The convenience of having an exercise bike at home means you can exercise whenever you want to without having to waste time driving to a gym or fitness centre. If you have as little as 5 minutes a day even, you can use your exercise bike to burn some calories and build your fitness. Other gym equipment available to hire are x-trainers, treadmills, rowing machines and vibration plates.

Here are some benefits to hiring an exercise bike:

1. An exercise bike can allow you to bring your heart rate to the targeted zone so you can begin to lose weight whilst improving your fitness.

2. Exercise bikes require no special skills or technique. They’re very easy to use for any age group and no balancing is required like with a road bike.

3. Using an exercise bike does not put excessive pressure on your joints.

4. It’s easy to workout on an static bike in front of the television, so you can catch up with your favourite programmes without realising you’re actually exercising.

5. Exercise bikes are great for toning tummies, bottoms, thighs and calves.

6. Static bikes are compact and can be placed in a corner of a room in your house without being too intrusive.

To hire an exercise bike from Hire Fitness Ireland, all you have to do is either order online, drop us a line or give us a call and we will arrange a suitable date and time for your delivery. We will bring the equipment to you usually within 24 hours and set it up wherever you want it in your house. We’ll give you some basic instruction on how to use it and you’ll be all set to get fit in the comfort of your own home. Hires start from just 4 weeks so no long commitments or contracts to adhere to.

deluxe home exercise bike

The Deluxe Home Exercise Bike is fantastic for use in a low-impact cardio-workout, and brimming with features that give you that ideal, gym-experience workout..

This luxury bike comes with a sturdy, reliable frame and a fully adjustable XXL seat for that extra level of comfort during your exercise regime. The on-board console includes 12 in-built programmes and 5 user definable along with 24 levels of intensity to give you the best workout every time.

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super deluxe home exercise bike

The Super Deluxe Home Exercise Bike is fantastic when used for high intensity workouts.  The bike is designed to be used in semi commercial settings, so it can sustain relatively continued used.  Packed with features this bike gives you an ideal, gym-experience workout.

This luxury bike has built in magnetic resistance which means your workout is quiet so as not to distract you from your goals.  The seat is fully adjustable for that extra level of comfort during your workout. The touchscreen on-board console includes multiple in-built programmes with multiple levels of intensity to give you the best workout every time.

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Deluxe Home Race Bike, completely adjustable with a smooth club feel, is perfect for group or individual exercise..

The extra-large 20kg fly wheel provides the ideal equipment for improved strength and cardiovascular fitness, and the shock absorber system that has been built into the bike provides a natural, smooth, and unbeatably comfortable ride. The handlebars and seat of the machine can also both be adjusted to ensure that you are in the optimum position for your indoor cycling training sessions.

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TFR Ergo Recumbent Bike

The Deluxe Home Recumbent Exercise Bike is a robust, gym quality piece of fitness equipment which is perfect for rehabilitation purposes.  If legs is what you need to train, this recumbent bike will be a pleasure to use.  With the comfortable, adjustable seat with built in lumbar support, working those legs has never been easier.  The bike is designed to be used in a semi commercial setting, so long workouts are a breeze with this bike.  The Green Power technology promotes low energy loss, improving efficiency and performance

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