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Hire Fitness EU Cookie Policy

Cookies are a part of every day internet browsing now and are nothing to worry about. They are small pieces of code that are attached to your web browser to allow companies to monitor your movements whilst visiting our website. They are designed to enhance your overall experience on websites.

A cookie contains information such as domain name, how customers are directed or referred to our website and which pages they visit. A unique identifier is allocated along with an expiry time for the cookie.

If you wish, you may block cookies on your computer by changing the cookie setting in your web browser but ultimately, this might affect your enjoyment of a website and could reduce the site functionality for you.

Hire Fitness Cookies

All websites use cookies in some way. On we use it to keep track of items in shopping baskets.

Third Party Cookies

We also use third party cookies via Google and this helps us to monitor a customer's behaviour and the performance when one of our adverts is presented. This is done through Google Analytics and Google Adwords. Like most other companies, we also use cookies from Facebook and other social media companies to anonymously monitor your browsing on our site.

We should reassure you that we highly value your privacy at Hire Fitness and we do not ever sell or trade any of this data.

Paul Healey
Managing Director