Rowing Machines

Our top of the range commercial rowing machines are arguably the best on the market and are suitable for both beginners and experienced rowing professionals. All our commercial rowing machines boast variable air resistance systems for a natural feel and built in computers to give you accurate and comparable information every time you row.

The flywheels means noise is kept to a minimum and all our rowers can be folded if required for space saving. These first class contemporary rowing machines will look great in any gym setting.

Our commercial rowing machines are beyond doubt the best machines on the market. They can be used by beginners’ right up to professional rowers and they boast the very latest technology using either variable air resistance systems for a natural feel or electro magnetic air resistance system for a smooth and natural stroke. Built in computer technology gives users detailed feedback on each row and due to the design of all our rowers, noise is kept to a minimum. These world class contemporary rowing machines look great in any gym environment.Why choose commercial rowing machines?If you already have a gym, sports centre or similar facility, or if you’re embarking on a brand new project, why should you choose rowing machines for your gym? Rowing machines are very popular in gyms as anyone can use them and they require no special knowledge or experience. They offer a good all over body workout, in which both the upper and lower muscle groups are worked simultaneously. They’re great for increasing general strength and endurance and are considered to give users a low impact cardio exercise which is perfect for improving general fitness levels.Why choose Hire Fitness for your rowing machines?Hire Fitness is the strong market leader and has been hiring and selling fitness equipment since 2000. With 15 franchises across the UK and Ireland, Hire Fitness Ireland is part of the wider group. We have years of expertise and knowledge of designing and installing first class gym facilities using our commercial fitness equipment. We use the latest design technology coupled with our years of experience to design the best possible gym for you and we can advise on everything from concept right up to the day to day management of your facility. All our fitness equipment is top end and made with high grade component parts for durability and sustainability.

  • Concept 2 Rowing Machine

    From: 26.00 per week

    Concept 2 Premium Rowing Machine, a world class option for rowing fitness, including numerous impressive features for a smooth experience every time..

    This best-selling piece of equipment for enhanced indoor rowing training, incorporates sophisticated performance monitor and adjustable settings for the perfect workout. The airflow to the flywheel can be adjusted to change the feel of the stroke, and the monitor arm can be positioned according to each users’ posture and height.

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