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Treadmills are the ideal solution for anyone looking for an effective way to achieve an all-over body workout and enhanced cardiovascular fitness. You may not get the scenery that is supplied by an outdoor run, but with a treadmill, you can ensure that some bad weather a trait that Ireland is known for will not ruin your exercise routine.

Rain or shine, you can keep reaching for your health and fitness goals, using the highest-quality machines available on the market today.

Each of the treadmills offered by HireFitness come packed with features designed to get your workout off to a running start. From extra-long decks, to body-fat monitors to keep you on track, and extra cushioned decks that are easy on your joints, a treadmill can offer you a wide variety of unbeatable benefits.

One of the Most Popular Pieces of Exercise Equipment

When it comes to exercising from the comfort of your own home, the treadmill is by far one of the most popular options, offering a straight-forward, simple, and efficient aerobic workout. For beginners, treadmills provide an excellent option to get them started in the world of fitness, because walking can be tolerated by most people regardless of their fitness level, or potential problems. As endurance and strength begin to grow, a treadmill can then be used for running, jogging, and interval training.

Treadmill hire provides a versatile way for people to exercise, regardless of if factors like weather, and high fuel prices attempt to sabotage your fitness plans. Walking on a treadmill helps to exercise the same muscles that you would utilize when walking on a track outdoors, however, the main difference is that a treadmill allows you to adjust your incline and speed.

Building Muscles

Walking of any nature helps to work out the muscles of your lower body, including the hamstrings and quadriceps in your thighs, the soleus and gastrocnemius in your calves, your gluteal muscles, and of course, the hip flexors. When you run on a treadmill, and use your arms or bring your abdominal muscles into the mix through flexing, you can get a more thorough over-all workout. Walking on a treadmill is preferable to simply walking outdoors, because you can set your speed and resistance as your endurance continues to grow, allowing you to develop defined, stronger, muscles.

Feeling That Burn

Of course, bulking up your muscles isn’t the only benefit that comes with using a treadmill they are also amazing for helping you to burn calories and lose excess fat throughout your entire body. Walking at as little as 3.5 miles per hour can potentially burn around 314 calories for a person weighing 160 pounds. Whats more, treadmills dont spot reduce, meaning you wont end up with skinny thighs and excess weight everywhere else. Regular walking or running exercise helps to burn away that unwanted fat all over your body.

Taking Advantage of the Incline

After a while, when you repeat the same workout or exercises over and over again, your body will start to adapt to that pattern, meaning that your workout becomes less challenging. The great thing about hiring a treadmill, is that when youre ready for your workouts intensity to increase, you can simply boost the incline. This helps you to burn more calories, work your muscles, and push you further than ever before. If you want to try working up to a steeper incline in your treadmill workout, start out with shorter sessions at a steeper incline. For example, hit an incline for thirty seconds, then reduce to no incline for two minutes, and go in and out of this routine.

Using a Treadmill Safely
To use the treadmill as safely as possible, start off by setting one foot each side of the treadmill belt. Usually, there are foot-rails on the machines for this specific purpose. Once you have ensured that the machine is set to a low speed that you can handle, step onto the belt, and adjust your incline and speed accordingly. When you walk, keep your eyes straight ahead, as your feet will follow your line of sight, and checking out whats happening behind you could cause you to lose your balance. Remember to find out where the emergency stop button for the machine is before you get started, and dont feel like you cant use it if you start to get overwhelmed.

Common Treadmill Mistakes to Avoid

1. Always using the handrails: Using the handrails for every workout may make your exercise routine a lot easier, but this isnt necessarily what you want if youre trying to achieve better fitness. The less you have to work during your exercise, the less calories you are going to burn. Whats more, using the handrails can actually encourage bad body alignment and poor posture, producing an inefficient gait when you are walking or running. Try to avoid using the hand rails unless you are trying to get a reading on your pulse.

2. Simply stepping off a treadmill when its moving: Just because youve seen it on a music video doesnt mean you should do it. Stepping off a moving treadmill is dangerous, and you could serious hurt yourself.

3. Looking down to read something: This encourages hunching and poor posture for running. It can also make the act of running itself more complex by throwing off your balance.

The Advantages of Hiring a Treadmill
You can use your treadmill whenever you want, at any time of day, without having to wait for other people to finish their work out first.

The treadmill is a simple piece of equipment to use, so youre not going to struggle with getting started.

The surface of a treadmill is predictable, and much easier to negotiate than curbs, sidewalks, and roads, reducing your risk of tripping.

With your own treadmill, you can control every aspect of your workout, from your warm-up period, to the cool-down period, the speed, and the incline.

Some particularly impressive treadmills come with heart-rate monitors that allow you to track the progress of your fitness routine.

  • Deluxe Home Treadmill

    From: 20.00 per week

    Deluxe Home Treadmill packed with features to help your exercise regime go more smoothly, including a cushioned deck to protect your knee joints, a top speed of 16kph for enhanced challenges and an inclining deck to simulate hill walking or running. The running machine can accommodate users of up to 18 stone or 115kg.

  • Super Deluxe Home Treadmill

    From: 24.00 per week

    The Super Deluxe Home Treadmill is the perfect solution for running enthusiasts who want some extra training at home or when the weather is just too unapproachable..

    The continuous 3HP motor coupled with the extra cushioned deck, means this home treadmill will give you the best and most comfortable work out in your own home. There are 7 built in programmes plus user definable options and with the foldable super sturdy frame, this is the ideal answer for anyone who’s truly serious about their fitness.

  • Heavy Duty Large Treadmill

    From: 34.00 per week

    The Heavy Duty Large Treadmill is the ideal treadmill for more experienced runners..

    The extra wide deck provides a larger running surface and the ability to fold it vertically, makes it a perfect space saving solution.  This treadmill will give you the best and most comfortable work out in your own home.

  • Treadmill and Concept 2 Rower Combo Deal

    From: 40.00 per week

    Why not hire a treadmill with a world class Concept 2 rower and create your own small gym in the comfort of your own home. Not only is it a great price, but the whole family can benefit. The Deluxe Home Treadmill, often referred to as a running machine, benefits from a cushioned deck to protect your knees from the impact and it folds flat for storage. .


  • Treadmill and Cross Trainer Combo Deal

    From: 38.00 per week

    Our treadmill and cross trainer combo deal is a great choice if you want to get fit at home.  Both machines are gym quality and packed with features to help your exercise regime go more smoothly.

  • Treadmill and Exercise Bike Combo Deal

    From: 38.00 per week

    Why not hire a treadmill with an exercise bike and start a mini gym in the comfort of your own home, for the whole family to use. The Home Treadmill, often referred to as a running machine, features a cushioned deck to help protect your knees and it folds flat for storage.


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