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Select an item below to view the range of fitness equipment within the category, available for home hire. All you have to do is order online, drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll agree a date and time to deliver the fitness equipment of your choice to you.

We will install it wherever you want it and we’ll even give you some basic instruction on how to use the equipment and get the best out of it.

As part of the Hire Fitness group which is Europe’s largest fitness equipment hire company, Hire Fitness Ireland assures you that you will receive not only top quality fitness equipment but also a first class service. At Hire Fitness, our ethos is all about physical fitness and getting the most out of your fitness regime. We all want to be able to eat what we like, when we like and stay fit at the same time; if we exercise and eat healthily too we will give our bodies the best chance of keeping strong and healthy.

For some people, keeping fit means going to the gym, but wouldn’t it be nice if the gym came to you? You may think that hiring fitness equipment will be a long term commitment that will be expensive – with Hire Fitness, our prices are competitive and you can hire from just 4 weeks at a time. There are no expensive joining fees or contracts and we deliver and install the equipment for you, wherever you are in Ireland.

Regular exercise is essential to both your physical and mental health. If you have fitness equipment at home, it’s always easy to find short periods of time to devote to your fitness regime. You won’t have to travel anywhere to exercise and you won’t need to arrange babysitters if you have children – the whole family can use the fitness equipment to keep fit.

Benefits of Exercise

There are a great many benefits to exercising – far too many to list, but here are a few reasons why we should all exercise as much as we can:

1. Regular exercise helps to significantly increase energy levels. Research has proven that working in an office all day depletes energy so it’s important to exercise to help raise levels. Doing regular workouts will keep you energetic and motivated all day.

2. The ageing process can be accelerated if exercise is not taken regularly. Exercise helps to stimulate muscle reproduction and increases metabolism all which helps to slow down ageing.

3. It has been proven that regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy. Regular exercise helps reduce your chances of developing various illnesses including diabetes, and heart disease.

4. Exercise keeps your stress levels low and helps increase your confidence and self esteem.

5. Exercise is good for all age groups and people of all abilities, although it’s always best to check with your Doctor before embarking on a new fitness regime.

You can exercise at home thanks to Hire Fitness

Getting fit used to be about going to the gym which was often expensive and perhaps overwhelming for some people, particularly those who were new to exercise; well now you have options. Hire Fitness offers you both short and long term hires of the most up to date fitness equipment available on the market. Hire Fitness Ireland hires treadmills, x-trainers, exercise bikes, rowing machines, vibration plates and strength equipment for just 4 weeks or more. Working out at home is such a pleasure compared to jostling for a treadmill or x-trainer in a gym. You can exercise at any time of day in the comfort and privacy of your own home and the cost is not prohibitive unlike some gym memberships.

If you’re not sure which piece of fitness equipment will suit you best, you can either check out our Fitness Equipment Guide or give us a call to arrange a demo in your home. We will bring the equipment you’re interested in and you can try it out to see what will work for you. All the equipment is designed to fit into our homes and some pieces fold for easy storage.

Achieving the body shape you’ve always wanted is no longer a pipe-dream. Hire a piece of fitness equipment from Hire Fitness Ireland and start working out at home today.

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