Vibration Plates

Vibro Plates are valuable if you don’t have much time to exercise each week. The beauty of the vibration plate is that you can achieve a full body workout in just 15 minutes because your muscles contract at a much quicker rate than we can ever achieve naturally.

The best way to use a vibration plate is to do all the normal floor exercises you would do on an exercise mat such as push-ups, squats, bicep and tricep curls, sit-ups etc but you’ll tone your body much more quickly because of the intense vibrations causing muscle contractions.

Vibration plates were originally used by astronauts in training prior to going into space as research proved that muscle strength, bone density, stamina and so on, were all improved following vibration training. The increased fitness levels meant the astronauts were able to sustain longer periods in space.

Research has proven there to be a considerable amount of benefits to be had from vibration training including increased strength, weight loss, muscle tone, overall fitness improvements, improved circulation, cellulite reduction, increased metabolism, increased bone density and the list goes on.

Our vibro plates come with a manual and a full sized training poster to give you ideas of exercises that can be performed on the vibration plate. They also come with arm and leg straps and handles for exercises such as bicep and tricep curls. Our vibration-plate PRO is a little smaller than its commercial equivalent, the vibration-plate PRO+, hence is more suitable for use in the home or office. Both models operate on the highest power available on the market today allowing you to achieve results more quickly.

Your local gym probably has vibration plates but going to the gym may not suit your busy lifestyle, which is why Hire Fitness Ireland has the perfect solution. Hire a vibration plate from us for just 4 weeks (or longer) and experience the results that can be achieved in a short timescale. If you have a vibration plate at home, it avoids any waiting around at the gym for the machinery to become free, it avoids wasting time travelling to and from the gym and it means you can exercise in the comfort of your own home. What’s more, the whole family can use it too.

How do vibration plates work?

Vibration plates are completely different to any other fitness equipment you’ll find in a gym. The rapid oscillations in the flat plate cause muscles in the body to stretch and contract more quickly than we could achieve ourselves on an exercise mat. These involuntary reflexes intensify every exercise you perform on the vibration plate which is why a full body workout can be achieved in only 15 minutes. Vibration plates are often used by celebrities who are short on time as they can maintain their body shape without spending all their spare time in the gym.

So if you too are short of time, why not try a vibration plate from Hire Fitness Ireland, for 4 weeks or more. Give us a call, drop us a line or order online and we’ll deliver a vibration plate to you usually within 24 hours. We place the equipment in the room of your choice at home or in the office and we’ll give you some basic instruction. You can also check out our website for training videos to give you some ideas of how to get the best out of your vibration training.

  • PRO Home Vibration Plate

    From: 18.00 per week

    Pro Home Vibration Plate, the ideal option for individuals without much time to spare who want to work on their body image..

    Featuring intense vibrations that allow the user to achieve the equivalent of a ninety minute, full-body workout in as little as fifteen minutes, the Pro Vibration Plate could help you to improve muscle tone, reduce fat, and increase good circulation. It also maximizes the effects of common exercises such as sit-ups, squats, and push-ups, for improved and enhanced benefits.

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