Exercise Bikes

Our range of static commercial exercise bikes are some of the most advanced on the market today. They all boast exceptional build quality and include top of the range built in computers with user defined programmes including heart rate control, body fat monitor plus body mass index.

All our commercial bikes have extremely comfortable gel seats meaning you can exercise for longer in comfort. The seats are fully adjustable as are the handle bars. All the bikes are built to a high standard with heavy duty sturdy frames. These high quality bikes can be used by people of all levels of fitness and they can sustain prolonged use in any fitness centre or gym.

Why cycling on an Exercise Bike is a great way to get fit

An exercise bike is an excellent way to get fit or maintain fitness. It can be a gentle low-impact exercise that doesn’t put much stress on users joints and which mainly works the lower muscle groups. Even though it’s a low-impact exercise, it’s still a great cardio workout for the body and an exercise bike can be used in lots of ways in a commercial setting. It can be used simply for warming up before other exercise or a sport and for cooling down afterwards. It can be used to begin a new fitness regime, starting with a steady but slow pace or it can be used as an intense cardio workout such as HIIT training. Either way, it’ll give users a great workout and will not only help them shed pounds but also improve their overall fitness levels.

Can Hire Fitness help design and install our commercial gym?

As market leaders in the fitness industry, Hire Fitness Ireland has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to commercial gym facilities. We have installed commercial gyms in hotels and resorts, schools, gyms, leisure and sports centres, health centres and in multi-national companies across the UK and Ireland. A bank of exercise bikes is an essential part of any commercial gym and we can help you design a first class facility in the space you have available to you, using the fitness equipment you require. Using our state-of-the-art technology coupled with our in-house experience and expertise, we can help and support you thought the entire design and installation stage of your gym and we can even advise on day to day management thereafter.

How to buy, rent or lease commercial exercise bikes

We can offer a range of options to allow you to obtain all the fitness equipment you require. Should you wish to purchase all the equipment outright, you can pay with either a debit or credit card. Alternatively if you’d prefer to rent equipment to see what works for your clients/users, you can pay a monthly rental until you decide what equipment you really want. And lastly, we can offer you a lease option between 3 and 5 years with our long term leasing partner, who will help you through the entire finance process.

Commercial Fitness Bike

Commercial Fitness Bike, a robust race bike ideal for commercial use, it’s a popular choice for endurance training and group fitness..

This bike includes various tension levels for enhanced cardio workouts, allowing you to simulate cycling up and down hills. There are also a number of adjustable aspects, including pedals and handlebars within the machine, which can be altered for a more personalized ride. The built-in shock absorber system also ensures a more comfortable experience.

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Deluxe Commercial Upright Exercise Bike

Deluxe Commercial Upright Exercise Bike, a solid commercial bike packed with features for an intense and effective workout, including a built-in generator, ten pre-set programmes to suit athletes of any fitness level of ability, as well as user definable options, and heart-rate control..

This bike has been designed for continued and prolonged use in leisure centres and gyms, and the carefully designed gel seats ensures that even the most serious of athletes will experience a comfortable ride.

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Deluxe Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

Deluxe Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike, top of the range quality for a luxurious workout, including a built-in generator and a premium build that allows users to exercise for longer..

Because users are able to work out in a reclined position, the body weight is distributed more evenly, ensuring the back is well supported. This recumbent bike supports 16 resistance levels for different challenges, and fully-adjustable programmes for every user, including 10 pre-set plus user definable workouts.

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