Cross Trainers

Our super smooth and quiet commercial elliptical cross trainers are built to the highest specifications and look sophisticated in any commercial gym setting. They all have built in computers with exercise programmes to help guide users plus the ability for users to define their own programmes.

They include top of the range features such as the latest silent computer controlled resistance system, variable stride adjustment up to 20 inches, sophisticated blue backlit computer displays, heart rate monitors and fitness tests to allow users to chart progress with confidence. Our commercial elliptical cross trainers have been designed with a classy and contemporary feel and will enhance the look of any commercial gym facility.

If you’re embarking on a new fitness centre of gym, you will want to include our commercial elliptical cross trainers in your plan. A bank of cross trainers is a popular option for gym goers and they need to be high end machines like ours, that are capable of sustaining high use. In addition to cross trainers, Hire Fitness Ireland can provide you with an entire range of commercial fitness equipment to suit your requirements and budget.

Why commercial cross trainers are a great choice

Cross trainers provide users with an excellent all over body workout, working both the upper and lower muscle groups simultaneously. The two way action of the cross trainer simulates a cross between walking, running and stair climbing and there are lots of reasons why cross trainers are a perfect choice for any gym facility:

1. Users are unlikely to get joint pain after using a cross trainer as it is considered a relatively low-impact exercise.

2. Cross trainers offer a full body exercise solution. They’re usually preferred over other cardio exercise equipment.

3. They’re great for strengthening core muscles and the lower back.

4. Once you’ve mastered the cross trainer, it’s very easy to use. They don’t require any special knowledge or experience to use them.

Why choose Hire Fitness Ireland for your commercial cross trainers?

As market leaders in the fitness industry, Hire Fitness has a wealth of experience and expertise when it comes to designing and installing gyms. We have installed gyms for big multinational companies, fitness centres and schools, along with staff gyms for local small businesses. We can be as involved in your project as you want us to be from concept/design right through to installation and day to day management. Using both our design software and our in-house experience and knowledge, we can create the perfect facility for you with the space you have available. We consider all aspects of health and safety when designing gyms to make sure you end up with a happy, useable gym that people want to go back to.

Payment options

We offer a range of payment options including purchase with either a debit or credit card. You may wish to hire equipment initially to see what works for you and what doesn’t so we can arrange short term hires to suit you. Alternatively if you don’t want to tie up capital at the start of your business, you might consider leasing. We offer between 3 and 5 year leases through our long term leasing partner. They will guide you through the entire leasing process to ensure you get what you want.

  • Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

    From: 49.00 per week

    SH-B9100ET elliptical features with durability, unique motions, intuitive screen, offering an exciting and effective exercise experience. With a sleek and elegant visual appeal, it is much more attractive to exerciser who are looking for a cardio option of all fitness levels with a low-impact, total-body workout.

  • Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

    From: 32.00 per week

    This Light Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer has 25 levels of resistance, all natural but powerful motions of the upper body can be matched and adjusted. The watt modes provide the innovative and exciting exercise, different speed with different resistance, to maximize the training effect while protecting joints from damage. Silent movement, quiet and effective workout, SHUA SH-B5101E is the optimal choice.

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