Cross Trainers

Elliptical cross-trainers are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness levels. The cross-trainer gives you a thorough low-impact workout for the entire body. Using a cross-trainer is a little like walking, running and stair-walking all at the same time and it uses both the upper and lower body muscles.

It’s great for strengthening muscles in the abdominal area and the lower back and there is no other piece of fitness equipment that simultaneously works as many muscle groups, making it the perfect all-rounder.

Hire Fitness Ireland offers elliptical cross trainers for hire for 4 weeks or more. Our cross trainers incorporate a range of different exercise programmes built in to allow you to adapt your training to your individual needs or to alter your workouts to maintain motivation. The sophisticated console monitors your body mass index, heart rate and your body fat and gives you essential feedback on each workout.

Research has proven that exercise is vital for the health of both our body and mind. The benefits of exercise are clear – here are just a few reasons why it’s important to stay fit:

1. Exercise helps prevent diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease.

2. It helps boost the metabolism and immune system, staving off illnesses such as the common cold or even flu.

3. It increases muscle and bone strength which helps reduce the chances of osteoporosis in later life; particularly in women.

4. Exercise helps improve the efficiency of the lungs.

5. It helps to both relieve and reduce stress.

6. It keeps your body in good shape and stops you gaining unwanted fat.

7. It burns fat and calories.

The benefits of exercise are generally widely known, but still so many of us manage to avoid exercising despite understanding it’s importance. Hire Fitness Ireland can supply you with a cross-trainer to help you improve your fitness levels in just 4 weeks. Hires start from 4 weeks and we deliver the equipment to you, install it and get you started. Hiring a cross-trainer to use at home means there will be no more trips to the gym or fitness centre meaning that whenever you have a spare 5 minutes even at home, you can improve your fitness by using the cross-trainer. We have a range of fitness equipment to suit your requirements; you can hire a treadmill, cross-trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine or vibration plate.

Here are some of the benefits of using a cross-trainer:

1. It has been scientifically proven that cross trainers promote oxygen consumption and burn calories more quickly than any other exercise equipment.

2. The cross-trainer allows you to exercise without putting excessive stress on your joints.

3. Once you’re used to the action of the cross-trainer, it’s very easy and comfortable to use and requires no special technique.

4. Cross-trainers utilise both our upper and lower body muscle groups thereby making it the perfect all over body workout. However if you’re prefer to work out your lower body only, most cross-trainers have two sets of handles; one static set and one which move as you pedal, so by holding the static handles you’ll work only your lower body.

  • Premium Home Cross-Trainer

    From: 21.00 per week

    The Premium Home Cross-Trainer is brimming with features to help you achieve an all-over workout, including 12 preset profiles and 24 intensity levels, you’ll find a programme to suit you..

    A sturdy and solid piece of training equipment, this cross-trainer is silent yet powerful, boasting a component that allows for adjustable stride length, and high grade component parts for a club-like feel.

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