The 15 Minute Workout

These days, it can be difficult for busy individuals to dedicate some time within their hectic routines to the benefits of regular exercise. Even those who choose to effectively make their lives simpler and cut down the time restraints of getting to the gym by hiring fitness equipment in Ireland, sometimes we don’t all have enough time to spare for a really gruelling workout. This is where the 15 Minute Workout comes in useful.  Some fitness experts from around the world have discovered that you may be able to engage in an effective exercise routine that takes no more than fifteen minutes a day to complete. Not only this, but the routine is so successful, that most of them would bet their abs on it. If you hire a vibration plate from Hire Fitness Ireland, or you hire another piece of fitness equipment, make the most of every second of time you spend on your  equipment and you may see more benefits than you would get out of most hour-long sessions in the gym.

The Tabata Structure

The Tabata structure of exercise is capable of making a task that seems easy on the surface, incredibly challenging. Although that may seem exhausting, it’s actually incredibly beneficial for your body, and the result is that by the end of three rounds of any of the exercises you choose, your muscles will have gotten the intense exercise they needed.

The first step, as with any form of exercise, is to warm up. Stand with your feet a hip-width apart, hands in fists in front of your shoulders and elbows bent. Then, push your hips backwards and bend your knees to lower into a squat position, raising your arms above your head and spreading your fingers wide. Push up through your heels to return to a standing position, and continue for around one minute. Next, do two of the same sets again, but instead of curling your hands into fists, grab a couple of dumbbells and add a little weight to the procedure.

After you have completed the squats, you can move onto a shoulder press, holding your dumbbells with both arms bent in front of your shoulders, and abs braced tight. Push the weights upwards and keep your palms facing in, then slowly lower the weights to your starting position and repeat. Following this, keeping your spine naturally straight, brace your abs and hinge forwards from your hips, reaching your dumbbells forward until your chest is parallel to the floor.

Finally, position your body into a plank position and keep your feet tight together. Your hands should be slightly more than the width of your shoulder’s apart, before you bend your elbows inwards and begin to lower your body towards the floor, not allowing your chest to touch the ground beneath you. Once you’ve gotten to this point, push back upwards as fast as you can, without causing injury.

Boosting your workout

A great way to make this work out even more challenging, and therefore even more beneficial to your body, is by using a vibration plate throughout, which will help your muscles to rapidly contract, increasing tone, strength and endurance. You may find that after a few fifteen minute sessions using a vibration plate, the results you see are astounding.