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    BH Home Treadmill

    From: 20.00 per week

    The BH Home Treadmill is the perfect solution for running enthusiasts who want some extra training at home or when the weather is just too unapproachable. The continuous 3HP motor coupled with the extra cushioned deck, means this home treadmill will give you the best and most comfortable work out in your own home. There are 7 built in programmes plus user definable options and with the foldable super sturdy frame, this is the ideal answer for anyone who's truly serious about their fitness.

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    Commercial Fitness Bike

    From: 15.00 per week

    Commercial Fitness Bike, a robust race bike ideal for commercial use, it’s a popular choice for endurance training and group fitness. This bike includes various tension levels for enhanced cardio workouts, allowing you to simulate cycling up and down hills. There are also a number of adjustable aspects, including pedals and handlebars within the machine, which can be altered for a more personalized ride. The built-in shock absorber system also ensures a more comfortable experience.

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    Concept 2 Premium Rowing Machine

    From: 25.00 per week

    Concept 2 Premium Rowing Machine, a world class option for rowing fitness, including numerous impressive features for a smooth experience every time. This best-selling piece of equipment for enhanced indoor rowing training, incorporates sophisticated performance monitor and adjustable settings for the perfect workout. The airflow to the flywheel can be adjusted to change the feel of the stroke, and the monitor arm can be positioned according to each users’ posture and height

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    Concept 2 Rowing Machine

    From: 20.00 per week

    Concept 2 Rowing Machine, regarded as one of the best rowing machines in the world, and an ideal option for those who want to maximize their indoor training. This machine is completely adjustable for ease-of-use and comfort during your workout, with a monitor arm that can be altered to meet your personal preferences and a changeable flywheel so that you can control the feel of each stroke. This powerful piece of equipment can also be folded into two for efficient space-saving efforts

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    Deluxe Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer

    From: 42.00 per week

    Deluxe Commercial Elliptical Cross Trainer, brimming with features that make ideal for a commercial setting, including a built-in generator to banish power cords that may trip up your clients. Fully adjustable, this machine includes sixteen levels of resistance to keep users motivated, as well as ten in-built programmes and user-definable programmes. An exceptional piece of fitness equipment, this cross trainer provides a comfortable and smooth experience for prolonged periods of time

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    Deluxe Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike

    From: 33.00 per week

    Deluxe Commercial Recumbent Exercise Bike, top of the range quality for a luxurious workout, including a built-in generator and a premium build that allows users to exercise for longer. Because users are able to work out in a reclined position, the body weight is distributed more evenly, ensuring the back is well supported. This recumbent bike supports 16 resistance levels for different challenges, and fully-adjustable programmes for every user, including 10 pre-set plus user definable workouts

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    Deluxe Commercial Upright Exercise Bike

    From: 30.00 per week

    Deluxe Commercial Upright Exercise Bike, a solid commercial bike packed with features for an intense and effective workout, including a built-in generator, ten pre-set programmes to suit athletes of any fitness level of ability, as well as user definable options, and heart-rate control. This bike has been designed for continued and prolonged use in leisure centres and gyms, and the carefully designed gel seats ensures that even the most serious of athletes will experience a comfortable ride

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    Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine

    From: 14.00 per week

    Deluxe Magnetic Rowing Machine is a high grade rower, often found in gyms and fitness centres. It is perfect for those wishing to enhance their fitness training at home and is a great way for rowing enthusiasts to complement their training when away from the water. The brilliant magnetic brake system delivers an exceptionally smooth and quiet stroke every time. The resistance can be adjusted to suit your strength and ability and the rower even folds for easy storage with wheels for moving.

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    Dual Carbon Bike

    From: 16.00 per week

    The Dual Carbon Bike is fantastic for use in a low-impact cardio-workout, and brimming with features that give you that ideal, gym-experience workout. This luxury bike comes with a sturdy, reliable frame and a fully adjustable XXL seat for that extra level of comfort during your exercise regime. The on-board console includes 12 in-built programmes and 5 user definable along with 24 levels of intensity to give you the best workout every time.

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    Fitness Bike

    From: 16.00 per week

    Fitness Bike, completely adjustable with a smooth club feel, is perfect for group or individual exercise. The extra-large 20kg fly wheel provides the ideal equipment for improved strength and cardiovascular fitness, and the shock absorber system that has been built into the bike provides a natural, smooth, and unbeatably comfortable ride. The handlebars and seat of the machine can also both be adjusted to ensure that you are in the optimum position for your indoor cycling training sessions

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