Rent to Buy Gym Equipment Offers

Try Before You Buy

Not sure whether to buy gym equipment or join a gym? Hire Fitness has the answer. Hire fitness equipment to use at home and try it before you commit to buying. And if you like the gym equipment you hired from us, we can even sell that to you!

Try Before You Buy

Renting fitness equipment rather than buying it has many advantages. Hiring or leasing equipment may be the best option for you, whether it’s for the home or office, or for a commercial gym in a hotel, leisure centre or school. Renting before you buy could be the best solution for you.


Why Hire Before You Buy?

• If you’re not sure that you’ll utilise the fitness equipment long term or you can’t decide what equipment will best suit your requirements. If you do decide to buy the equipment we offer discounts based on the rent you have already paid.

• You get the opportunity to use state-of-the-art fitness equipment without the responsibility of actually owning it. You can keep pace with technological advances ensuring that equipment you are using doesn’t date.

• If you are running a business it can make sense to rent/lease for a period of time as purchasing a depreciating asset will tie up capital. Financing payments can be managed in a way that helps you to budget.

• Renting fitness equipment gives you total flexibility in the home or office. You can hire equipment for periods of just 4 weeks or more, which can tie into specific personal fitness goals or charity events. You can then choose to buy when the time is right for you.

• Once you have decided what fitness equipment you would like to hire, we deliver the equipment to you on a date and time to suit you. We install the equipment in the room of your choice and give you basic instruction on how to use it to get you started.

• Customer service is very important to us and we strive to ensure you get exactly the equipment you want and the service you expect from the market leaders in home fitness equipment hire. All you have to do is get on with achieving your fitness goals.

• You can choose from our wide range of fitness equipment including treadmills, cross-trainers, rowing machines, exercise bikes and vibration plates


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