Film And Event Fitness Equipment Hire


They say: 'A film is made 3 times; when you write it, shoot it and edit it'


We provide a wide range of fitness equipment/fitness accessories as props for movies, television productions, and stage productions and also for use in both charity and sporting events on a short term hire basis.

What is the process for hiring props for movies and television and stage productions?

We at understand that timings are critical when shooting a film or television production and that props are required to be readily available as and when required to shoot a particular sequence. To ensure your deadlines are met we can deliver the equipment required the day before the shoot and collect the day after the shoot. To help keep the costs as low as possible we charge a daily rate per piece of equipment hired. Should you require, we can provide a detailed risk assessment for your shoot/event. We have provided fitness equipment and fitness accessories to A-list actors and actresses for a range of shoots including blockbuster films, television productions and adverts over the years.  

Can we hire equipment to use in connection with Chroma Key Compositing? 


We have a range of treadmills/travelators that have been adapted specifically for us in green or blue Chroma Key. Colour separation of the foreground (subject) and background (screen) is the most important factor for a key. Green is most regularly used however, if the subject is predominantly green (plants for example), a blue screen will be used. We can provide both blue and green especially adapted treadmills for use in Chroma Key Compositing.


Can we hire Fitness Equipment for Sporting Challenges/Events and Charity Days?

There has been a significant rise in charity events taking place to raise funds for worthy causes. For example sponsored walks/runs, sponsored bike rides and sponsored rows are hugely popular and these often are set using static fitness equipment. For these events we can provide fitness equipment and accessories on a short term hire basis. We can deliver these on the morning of the event and then collect them either the same day once the event has taken place or the day after the event at a time suitable for you.

What Fitness Equipment can we hire on a short term basis?

We have a wide range of fitness equipment available for short term hire including exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, vibration plates and elliptical cross trainers. In addition to this we also have a range of weights, benches, multi gyms plus an impressive range of both fun and engaging fitness accessories.


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