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Hire Fitness Ireland News

Here we'll give you all the latest News and new developments from Hire fitness Ireland including details of new products to hire. We'll also keep you informed about the latest fitness trends and sporting events across the country.

Diet and Beauty_ie

Diet and Beauty

If you want to know the latest trends from the beauty industry in Ireland, check out our blogs which will keep you up to date with what's in and what's not. We also give you tasty low calorie recipe ideas to help keep up your motivation plus some great dieting tips and advice to help you reach your goals.

Fitness Events and Challenges_ie

Fitness Events and Challenges

If you're looking to do a charity fitness challenge in Ireland, why not check out our blogs of all our latest sporting events and challenges across the country. We hire fitness equipment on a daily basis for these types of events and we'll deliver and collect from the venue or location. Why not get some inspiration from others by reading about these recent successes.

Fitness Advice_ie

Fitness Advice

As leading experts in the fitness industry, we're qualified to give you all the latest fitness tips and advice from around the world. We'll help you keep yourself in great condition and maintain the fitness levels you desire. Our guidance covers everything from how to use a treadmill for beginners to how to build muscle for an upcoming challenge.

Recent entries

The 15 Minute Workout_ie

The 15 Minute Workout

posted in Fitness Advice by Nicky Terrett on 09:21 Oct 9th, 2015

These days, it can be difficult for busy individuals to dedicate some time within their hectic routines to the benefits […] read more >>

How to improve your body at home_ie

How to improve your body at home

posted in Fitness Advice by Nicky Terrett on 21:42 Jun 2nd, 2015

Let's face it, if someone was to give you the option between staying at home or going to the gym, the chances are you'd […] read more >>

How to Open Your Own Gym_ie

How to Open Your Own Gym

posted in Hire Fitness Ireland News by Nicky Terrett on 13:10 Oct 29th, 2014

Health and fitness is all over the media these days. With levels of obesity rising, and the health services struggling b […] read more >>

5 Simple Exercise Rules_ie

5 Simple Exercise Rules

posted in Fitness Advice by Nicky Terrett on 21:14 Oct 24th, 2014

Getting fit isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something that we should all aspire to. The ter […] read more >>

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